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Muslin Blankets

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Our Muslin Blankets are luxurious throw blankets crafted from 100% organic cotton. It features four layers of body-contouring muslin that envelop you in comfort throughout the year.

This blanket is designed to enhance relaxation and promote better sleep with its breathable, airy material. Whether draped over your bed or couch, its soothing texture creates a tranquil environment, ideal for unwinding.

Versatility is key with the Muslin Blankets. It can be used alone as a cooling throw during warmer months or layered for additional warmth in colder seasons. They also serve as compliments to our premium weighted blankets as an additional layer! 

Each blanket is handmade in India using sustainably grown and harvested organic cotton, ensuring both quality and eco-friendliness in its production.


Made from 100% organic cotton, our 4 layer gentle, lightweight muslin is satisfyingly textured for a soft, soothing sleep. Stay Cozy, Not Sweaty.


55"x 85" (138x216 cm) - this is our most standard size.

Care Instructions

We recommend washing your muslin throw cold with similar colors on a gentle cycle, using mild detergent. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach. Avoid washing your muslin blanket with any items with sharp edges to prevent potential snags or damage.

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Lounge comfortably with your Muslin in any space.
Stay cozy year-round with Muslin's breathable weave for comfort any season.
Place the muslin blanket under your weighted blanket for a cozy nights sleep
"It’s hard to explain but having a heavy blanket gives you a warmth, comfort and a sense of security that really does help ease my anxiety and put me into that deep resistive sleep that my mind and body crave"
  • 5/5.0

Ryan Pyle
Adventurer | Ambassador | Speaker
"For most of my life I was accustomed to sleeping with a thin cotton duvet. I liked the freedom of it being light enough to throw off if it got too warm. I am generally a fairly restless sleeper, so I decided to give a weighted blanket a try. I had preconceived notions that I would hate it, feel hot - that it wouldn't be a comfortable experience. Day 1, I eased myself into it my only covering half my body and surprisingly I was fine the entire night, I actually felt snug and comfortable and slept well. It's now been 3 weeks, I'm really enjoying feeling, once you’re in bed, you forget about the weight of the blanket. It makes me feel snug and secure and I'm finally sleeping a full 7 hours peacefully!"
  • 5/5.0

Tehzeeb Ahmed
Managing Partner
"The blanket is extremely cozy and I can't sleep without it anymore. I am really fidgety when I try to sleep, and this weighted blanket helps calm my body and has reduced the amount of times I wake up at night. Highly recommend!"
  • 5/5.0

Parina Gujral
Product Designer
"I bought the weighted quilts for by parents. My mother has arthritis and my father has many joint pains as well. They used it last night and woke up refreshed and without pains and told me it’s the first time they’ve slept so soundly in very long! So thank you so much."
  • 5/5.0

Nanditha Gopal

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Frequently Asked Questions

A 4-layer muslin blanket is crafted from four layers of high-quality muslin cotton, a lightweight and breathable fabric. It is designed to provide comfort and warmth without overheating, making it suitable for both children and adults.

Muslin is made from cotton fibers, woven into a lightweight and breathable fabric that is both soft and durable.

A muslin blanket is larger and designed for versatile use, including bedding and light cover, whereas a swaddle is specifically sized and designed to wrap snugly around an infant to mimic the coziness of the womb.

Absolutely! The breathable nature of muslin fabric makes the blanket ideal for year-round use. It offers enough warmth for cooler months while remaining light enough for summer nights.

Yes, you can layer a muslin blanket with a weighted blanket for added warmth and comfort. The muslin blanket can be placed either under or over the weighted blanket depending on your preference for warmth and texture.

Yes, our muslin blankets are machine washable. For best results, wash on a gentle cycle with similar colors and tumble dry on low. This easy care routine ensures the blanket maintains its softness and durability over time. Avoid washing your muslin blanket with any items with sharp edges to prevent potential snags or damage.