Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell, Weighted blankets work by combining the magic of a warm hug and the science of deep pressure stimulation. Our blankets evenly distribute weight around your body and model the feeling of being held or swaddled. This, in turn, releases stress relieving hormones and lulls the body into a deep calming state, ensuring that you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.

In order to get the most therapeutic benefits out of your weighted blanket, we recommend choosing a weight that is approximately 10% of your total body weight

Though weighted blankets have scientifically been provide to provide great relief for some sleep disorders, we recommend our blankets to customers who suffer from sleep apnea to consult a medical professional.

We recommend most users gradually get used to the feeling of a weighted blanket. Remember, the goal is to build a lifetime habit and countless nights of deep sleep. Therefore, in order to ween into the new weight, night-time sleepers can start by covering only half of your body with the blanket for 1 week. Following that, you can slowly move the blanket up, week by week, until it finally covers your fully. Now some may adjust to the blanket faster than others, so assess it yourself and take it day by day.

Refer the material/fabric details on your product. Inner layer is encased with 80gsm Cotton wadding and filled with safe and allergen-free fine grade high density shatter proof glass beads for the weight. Outer layer is Organic Cotton or Cotton Velvet or Organic Bamboo depending on the collection. The beads are evenly distributed, providing utmost comfort.

Refer the care instructions for your product. For most weighted blankets, wash separately in cold water, preferably hand wash, using mild or eco-friendly detergent and air dry. Avoid fabric softeners or bleach. You can also dry clean your weighted blanket.